It all started when we felt that we needed to teach our knowledge guitar strummers, because the people of Picassent only classical music provided by several local associations - was Frank Crespo, but only gave in Valencia.
It was 2003 when, aided by the ICJ Picassent, and councillor for Culture and Arturo Hernandez y Gastaldo, decided to create the Asociacion de Musica Moderna de Picassent, who, knowing other associations such as APK Quart de Poblet, we knew that making podriamos good use of aid that we provide.
After all the paperwork, the AMMP was constituted in March 2004 and since the time it was official, the ICJ ceded Picassent us to the local social we may make our activities.
Until then DAB guitar lessons at home for our students, and with local, we had a centralized operations center where you can teach classes guitar and bass.
Taking the local social we extend our radius of action, because we no longer desplazabamos to house students, but because they came from other towns or cities until we, along with metro, bus or car.


The objectives of the association are among others, raise awareness of different musical styles and different ways to touch them with modern tools (entiéndase amplified electrical instruments) as the guitar or bass.
We support the music in the town, and more if the music created by our students.
As an example more clear, we could summon SKARABATS, Ska group, which originally formed by Jose Luis Terranegra (solo guitar) and Victor Galindo (former bassist of the group) students of the Association and friends, aspires to be referring Valencian style after Progress Ska-P.

Also Luis Alberto Flores as GUITAR Soloist of BREAK OUT, a group in Torrente, or Italo Estrada as a solo singer of traditional music Peruvian Guitarist. John Martinez as a group and Orchestra Heavy, Javier Jimenez as Guitarist metal in their projects, as Manolo Aguado Guitarist in the band school, Paul Castello and Joseba as Guitar playing Punk, Toni Garcia playing with John and the Lower Javier ...