Albert Collins: The moon is full

Andy Timmons: Cry for you - Groove or die

Baron Rojo: Resistire

Chicuelo: BCN

David Valdes: Solo - The lord of fire

Dream Theater: Pull me under

Eric Johnson: Virginia

Fran Soler: Out of the darkness - The secret of the rainbow

Gary Moore: Out in the fields - Still got the blues

Guitar Battle: Purple rain

Jason Becker: Altitudes - Perpetual burn

Joe Satriani: Andalusia - Summer song - The Extremist

Joey Tafolla: Audio exotica

Jonny Winter: It's my life baby

Jorge Salan: Driving through the tunnel - Running free

Judas Priest: Painkiller

Lonnie Mark & SRV: Hound dog man

Loonie Brooks: I need a friend

Marcos Rodriguez: Speedracer

Paco Hernandez: Heaven or hell

Patric Rondat: Burn out

Paul Gilbert: Snakebite

Santana: Oye como va - Samba pa ti

Steve Vai: Bad horsie - The audience is listening - Ya-yo gakk

Stratovaruis: It's a mistery

Timo Tolkki: Concierto de aranjuez - Death of a swan

Tony Baena: Down

Tony Hernando: Outsiders - The edge

Valdemar: Patroclus

Ximo Tebar: Goes blue

Yngwie Malmsteen: Blue - Far beyond the sun