JOE SATRIANI 63 Cançons, entre les que estan Summer song, Always with me, The Extremist

JIMI HENDRIX 3 Cançons, Purple Haze, Hey Joe ,i The Wind Cries Mary

CARLOS SANTANA 13 Cançons, Oye como va, Samba pa ti, Corazon espinado, Europa, etc

STEVE VAI 63 Cançons, For the love of god, Attitude song, Animal, Tender surrender, Juice, etc

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN 68 Cançons, Black star, Far beyond the sun, Eclipse, Evil eye, Rising force, etc

GARI MOORE 3 Cançons, Paristenne walkways, Empti rooms, Still got the blues

ERIC JOHNSON 3 Cançons, Manhattan, Clifs of dover, Desert rose

FRANK GAMBALE 3 Cançons, Lunar rotation, Humid Being, Awakening

JASON BECKER 8 Cançons, Air, Altitudes, Perpetual Burn, etc

JOHN PETRUCCI 2 Cançons, Necronimicon, Rock Discipline

MARTIE FRIEDMAN 8 Cançons, Tibet & Angel, Thunder march, Rock box, etc

MATTIAS EKLUNDH 4 Cançons, Evil shower, Lydia's house

PATRIC RONDAT 3 Cançons, Burn out, Nuages, Vivaldi tribute

PAUL GILBERT 3 Cançons, I'm just in love, Down to mexico, Six billion people

TIMO TOLKKI 3 Cançons, Fire dance suite, Are you the one, Lord of the rings

TROY STETINA 6 Cançons, Babylon, Battle to victory, From the heart, etc

VINNIE MOORE, 15 Cançons, April sky, As time slips by, Daydream, etc

ANDY TIMMONS 3 Cançons, Groove or die, Carpe diem, A night to remember