1. - Please maximum punctuality. Classes will end at the scheduled time, out of respect for the next student

2. - This strictly prohibited smoking in the center

3. - The attendance is compulsory, bringing classes to students who do not attend will not recover, where recoverable only those to which the missing teacher, which was always conducted prior notice to the student

4. - The payment of the monthly payment will be carried out compulsorily during the first week of this month. The delay in the payment receipt, beyond the first week, will mean a surcharge of 10% on the value of receipt.

5. - The payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer, which must be requested by the student and will be handed over bank details.

6. - The non-payment of a monthly surcharge will be cause for 30% of the value of receipt.

7. - The low voluntary communication should take place with a time of one week per month of low as, if not doing so would generate a receipt and was charged.

8. - The low for a temporary period of course, carries a maintenance fee of 40% of the monthly, in reserve concept square.

9. - The reserve seat for the next course will be carried out through pre-registration at the end of July, having to pay at that time 50% of the first instalment of the course below.. If it does not set aside any place.

The association.