Classes of Electric Guitar

Classes are taught in the local social which is located in the center of town (see map contact), and if you do not have an instrument, do not worry about that at the site have an extra guitar and amplifiers for students.

Classes are formed by a maximum of three students, it is very difficult oirse if everyone plays guitar at their own pace and ensures that the teacher may be pending errors each.

In our classes you can learn to play classical guitar and electric bass.

The most diverse musical styles such as Rock, Pop, Blues, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and Metal Black.

The techniques that are used in different styles.

Chords, chord progressions for styles, heating, stretching,'s riff, lick's, scales, arpeggios, tuning alternatives, changes in hue, formulas, use of the lever, improvisation, alone, structures, songs, use of effects, etc.

Delivered with exercises on paper created or written by teachers who formed the AMMP, accompaniments on a CD that also creates or select, or videos on DVD.